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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to rent a property through PMI of New Mexico?​

We make it a priority to procure good quality tenants in the properties we are entrusted with.  Therefore, the screening process entails the following: criminal and civil background check, sexual predatory registry check, credit check, income and a rental verification. Equally important, is checking any social media accounts.  Any persons aged 18 and over and have intentions of living at the property will be expected to complete a rental application.  In order to qualify you financially, our general rule of thumb is that the household gross income should be three times the monthly rental amount.  All applications are submitted electronically through the website.  You will find that each listing contains more detailed information regarding qualifications, rental rate, deposits, and fees.

Commercial applicants must complete a commercial rental application and provide us with proof of income and the business information.

What are my responsibilities as far as maintenance and upkeep are concerned?

As a tenant, you are responsible for general upkeep such as cleanliness of both the interior and exterior of the property. Vacuuming, mopping, picking up, changing light bulbs, changing batteries in smoke detectors, mowing the lawn, picking up pet droppings are just a few of the basic responsibilities.  Reporting maintenance issues immediately is extremely important. If you see a leak under the sink, report it immediately.  Don’t wait until the end of the week.  By then, it could be far too late, and that leak has now turned into a flood throughout the property.  Failure to report maintenance issues which then leads to damage, would be considered negligence and the tenant could be held responsible.  Reporting maintenance issues is very easy to do.  You can submit all non-emergency requests through our website within your tenant portal.  Emergency issues should be called into our office.  When you are moving out at the end of the lease and it’s time to refund the deposit, our preference is to return entire deposits as this means the tenants have maintained the property in good condition.

What happens if I or one of the occupants violates the lease?

Our lease contracts and accompanying addendums are very transparent and follow NM Landlord/Tenant Law (UORRA), Real Estate Commission Regulations, and U.S. Federal Housing Guidelines.  Therefore, they give clear expectations as far as what is expected of you as a tenant.  Before any legal action such as the eviction process begins, we make an attempt to mitigate any issues before it gets to that point.  Informal SMS and email reminder notifications, 3 Day Notices of Non-Payment, 3 Day Notices Other Than Non-Payment (major violations), 7 Day Notices of Non-Compliance, and Yard Violation Notices are some of the actions taken prior to any legal proceedings.  If these do not successfully address the issues, we file the appropriate documents with the judicial system and have had a proven track record of the court finding in our behalf.  Some of the most common lease violations are non-payment of rent, unauthorized occupants, interior and exterior upkeep non-compliance, and the interference of others quiet enjoyment of the property.

Are your homes pet friendly?

As a management company, we work within the guidelines of our owners.  Therefore, the answer is, it depends.  Some owners allow pets, and some prefer not to allow them.  If they are allowed, there may be limitations to how many are allowed, the type of pet/animal, the size, and breed limitations.  If a property is pet/animal friendly, there are fees associated with allowing them at the property.  Our listings will always indicate if the property is pet/animal friendly and the fees that go along with them.  ESA and service animals are not charged a fee.  A reasonable request for accommodation form must be completed and submitted to our office.


As a tenant, it is extremely important for you to understand your rights and responsibilities as a person engaging in a legal and binding contract with a landlord.  Signing a lease comes with expectations in which both the landlord, property manager, and tenant must adhere to.  In turn, both sides should understand the law.  We make every effort to perform under all governing laws and regulations.  It is also important for us to be transparent with tenants and ensure they are familiar with and understand these guidelines as well.  The New Mexico Uniform Owner Resident Relations Act (UORRA) is the governing document that all tenants and landlords must abide by in the state of New Mexico.


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